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Halloween: A Hidden Movement Game

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It was the night HE came home... and one player must take on the role of Michael Myers in Halloween: A hidden Movement Game! The others will control Laurie and her friends as they scramble to find weapons, the kids, and a way to escape. Their task will be made more difficult because Myers can only be seen when you're looking right at him! This 1 vs Many game by renowned designer Emerson Matsuuchi is the first time the original Halloween movie has been made into its own board game.

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About The Game

A new board game based on the classic 1978 horror film Halloween, sees one player stalking the others as the infamous Michael Myers.

Halloween: The Board Game is a game based on the horror movie directed by John Carpenter and starring Jamie Lee-Curtis. In the game, a single player taking the role of Michael Myers – the iconic killer from the film series – and the others becoming Laurie Strode and her friends. As Myers, the player will be tasked with stalking and killing the others, whilst the rest of the players will need to hurry across the suburban town of Haddonfield to either deal enough damage to the killer or find and rescue kids Tommy and Lindsey.

The horror board game will have the players controlling the victims searching for various items to help them navigate the streets, as well as weapons they can use to fight back against Myers. Tommy and Lindsey will be hidden in the houses along the street, with players needing to discover their whereabouts and a set of car keys, before they can successfully escape The Shape. Otherwise, players can attempt to directly face off against Myers in the hopes that they can damage him enough to win.

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However, Halloween: The Board Game is also a hidden movement game, meaning that the players who aren’t controlling Myers won’t know where he is or where he’s going for most of the playthrough. In a clever homage to the film the board game is based on – particularly Myer’s trademark stare – the victim players will not be able to see where the killer is on the board unless they’re looking directly at his model. Otherwise, the player controlling Myers will be able to sneak around the board and strike at their victims, potentially killing them and forcing them to drop all their items and return as a new character – if there are any left.

Halloween: A Hidden Movement Game
Halloween: A Hidden Movement Game

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