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Everdell Board Game

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Everdell is a beautiful worker placement game from designer James A. Wilson and publisher Starling Games. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Everdell has gone from strength to strength. With a winning combination of well-designed gameplay and gorgeous art from Andrew Bosley, it is no surprise that the game is so widely appreciated.

It its heart, Everdell is a tableau building, worker placement game. These two mechanics work together as players progress through their turns by sending their workers out to claim new resources and draw more cards, and play cards from their hand to add to the new city they’re building within the forested valley of Everdell.

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About The Game

It’s fair to say many of us became spellbound by Everdell’s aesthetics. “Oooh, look… A humongous 3D tree!” Photos alone don’t paint the entire picture, though. From a distance – and even upon closer inspection – Andrew Bosley’s art makes jaws drop in amazement. Yes: the game looks phenomenal. But do you know how to play Everdell? Do you know how the mechanisms work and link together? How it lets you fine-tune an environmental engine, down among the fallen leaves and roots?

At its core, Everdell is a worker placement game for 2-4 players, set in a lush, woodland valley. Elements of hand- and resource-management play their part, too. Over the course of four seasons, you’ll compete to create a tableau of gorgeous cards. Which Constructions will you place in your greenwood city? Which cute Critters will work in the businesses you build? Which events will you race to host, first?

Tie up your walking boots, but tread with care over the twigs, toadstools and babbling brooks. This place is home to all manner of delightful forest fauna. 

Everdell Board Game
Everdell Board Game

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