How it all began

Why we created Avrri.

Founded in March 2021, Avrri is a small and young British company with the mission to bring only UK brands to the market with similar passions and goals, to keep our products chemical free, animal testing free, as organic and vegan friendly as we can and ideal for sensitive skin and hair.
A champion of small brands
Avrri works exclusively with small, family grown brands who have the potential, willingness and fight to stand out in a busy market of huge corporations cutting corners and harming the planet.

Together, let's all take the first step to better ourselves, our way of life and bring about small independent talented brands home-grown to the spotlight.

We ship as environmentally friendly as we can and only work with delivery partners wanting to do the same! If you find anything in our packaging you're not happy with, we want to hear you and improve with you!