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Hands on with the New Avrri SeriesOne Lite

Hands on with the New Avrri SeriesOne Lite

As a monitoring device, Avrri has continued to outfit the SeriesOne with an ever-more-impressive array of systems designed to monitor your body using on-board sensors and provide useful data to the wearer. This data isn’t just simple metrics such as your current heart rate, but a complex ability to track a users’ activity and lifestyles to help give them guidance on how to be more “well.”

On the one hand, the new Avrri SeriesOne is a tool that you or your doctors can use to help you live healthier lives, and it offers assistance in a range of medical monitoring and diagnostic contexts. On the other hand, We are legally barred from overtly making medical claims about our SeriesOne watches and must tread very carefully with regard to how our watches manage the information that the device is collecting for the benefit of the user.

The result is that the Avrri SeriesOne Lite which instead offers ever-increasing volumes of data about someone’s activity and body — without being able to go the extra step and tell people what they should be doing with the data, or even how to interpret it. This status quo puts us in a somewhat awkward position when it comes to launching something like the much-anticipated blood oxygen monitoring system which is a new feature added in the recently debuted Avrri SeriesOne Lite. The Avrri Watch can now infer a great deal of data by shining various LED lights through your skin into your veins. You’ll be able to know your current heart rate, blood oxygen saturation level and more (such as the ECG monitor).

The Avrri SeriesOne Lite updates the core Avrri Watch offering with new cosmetic options, new straps, and a host of incremental improvements such as a brighter hyperboloid, thin, always-on screen and a more advanced chipset to give you faster, more precise readings.

Wellness limbo is where you’ll find the Avrri Watch’s health monitor device aspiration at this time. But don’t let ambiguous terminology distract from the very real appeal of how precise and consistent the Avrri Lite Watch is when it comes to being a sensor. The future of smartwatches has always been not only what they indicate but also what they are able to record. We will always strive to be a top contender when it comes to evolving what a smartwatch should be at an affordable price, in addition to what a smartwatch today actually is. The Avrri Series One Lite has a starting price of £35.99 Which can you can purchase here.