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Beard Balms vs Beard Oils

Beard Balms vs Beard Oils

At Avrri we stock a unique and styled range of Beard balms and Beard Oils across a large range of brands. Here we'll give some advice and break down the health benefits and what they actually do and why more and more men are using them as a part of their daily grooming routine.

At Avrri we stock a large range of Beard balms and oils across a large range of brands. Here we break down what they actually do and why more and more men are using them daily.  


Beards can be high maintance. No matter the length of the beard, you will need to wash, trim, moisturize and style. To keep that fresh look, most men with beard care products would do at least one form of maintenance a day to stop it getting out of control.  

To grow a full healthy beard, investing in some beard balms and oils is one of the best ways to keep it looking at its best. Growing a bear can be something a man can take great pride in! 

It can completely transform a mans and can even be enjoyable along the way! 

beard oils and balms

Beard Balms are a range of ingredients that you apply after you wash your beard, most times in the morning before you start the day. Its primary purpose is to condition and nourish the hair whilst also allowing for some control over the style of your beard. Once applied, it can give you a fresh look and also release some really nice smells when applied. They often come in a hard wax balm or softer cream like textures depending on the product you use. Both have the same outcome once applied it just depends which you prefer to use.  

Beard Oils are very similar to balms however they are much more of a liquid substance and are applied much more thinly to your beard. They are much easier to apply and get less stuck on your hands after using.  

Both products can be used for all lengths of beards however normally bigger beards are much easier to control and tame with balms as they stick to the hair much easier. For shorter beards most men tend to use oils or simply facial moisturiser. Keeping the beard balms as close to the hair as possible and off the skin reduces the chances of skin breakouts, especially if the balm contains comedogenic ingredients like coconut oil.  

Anyone who has tried to grow a beard before will tell you that after time they can get very irritating after a while! The hair can take moisture out of your face and once they get irritation you can find yourself constantly itching. Oils and balms can help this by keeping your skin smooth with more moisture to soothe it. And the smells are great which is an added bonus staying with you all day keeping you fresh! 

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