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Essential Oils & Their Benefits To Your Health

Essential Oils & Their Benefits To Your Health

Essential oils are extracts from various plants. Often you can find practitioners using them in natural and alternative practices, such as aromatherapy and naturopathy. Studies have shown that essentials oils can be used to help a range of things in our lives such as mood, reduced stress, improved sleep, reducing anxiety, relieve headaches and increase attentiveness.
Beard Balms vs Beard Oils

Beard Balms vs Beard Oils

At Avrri we stock a unique and styled range of Beard balms and Beard Oils across a large range of brands. Here we'll give some advice and break down the health benefits and what they actually do and why more and more men are using them as a part of their daily grooming routine.

British Brand of the Month - Captain Fawcett

Here's the top 5 reasons why those young men looking to perfect and treat their growing facial hair, or those veterans looking for the next best thing to prune and enhance that stunning centre piece are choosing Captain Fawcett. This is why Captain Fawcett is our brand of the month!
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